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Making the Most out of Truck Storage Drawers


Trucks are perfect when you are heading off on an adventure with family and friends, for reaching difficult places or for towing and hauling materials and tools for work. If tools and gear are piling up, however, they can get damaged while slowing you down. You can avoid this and make all of your work much easier with truck storage drawers, custom made and installed by the professionals at D&R.


Truck storage drawers provide enough space for all of your gear, whether it’s for your professional or recreational gear.


With expert installation and consulting, a truck storage drawer will perfectly fit your truck bed or trunk so as to make organizing and retrieving extremely easy.

Carefully measuring and optimizing the space helps planning, onsite work and emergency response. We ensure that any features like a permanent tool box, wheel wells, spare tires, and other features are all optimally arranged in your storage space.

Here are three types of truck storage drawers, from the experts at D&R:

  • Single SUV Drawer System - This particular single drawer is tailor-made to accommodate your truck. It has a pull-out whiteboard with a cabinet made from lightweight aluminum and provides a locking pad latch, a grab-bar that makes up the full width of the cabinet, and adjustable dividers.
  • Custom Storage Explorer Utility Dual Drawer - A dual drawer with whiteboard that slides out and is located above the bottom drawer. It also has the same features as the single drawer, only larger. It also has adjustable dividers and a grab-bar.
  • Storage System, Double Tier, Lower Simplex Lock - This multiple drawer is fitted for a 2006 to 2014 Chevy Tahoe. It has a simplex lock, dividers and upper and lower drawers. Ideal for work vehicles carrying a lot of tools, parts and materials to on-site work and response.


Want to learn more about customized truck storage drawers? Contact or visit D&R Truck Stor today to learn more.