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Company Profile

Our History

D&R Truck-Stor is a division of D&R Electronics (est. 1976) that began in the early 2000s, when a customer arrived with an SUV that contained tactical equipment (shield, ammunition, weapons, gear) clustered all in the back of the vehicle. They asked for a better solution for organizing. The result was the earliest example of our exemplary truck drawers; specialized cabinets with drawers for more proper organization of equipment. Those storage systems were then showed to other industries, eventually building towards the current status of the division, along with our specialized storage units made for emergency vehicles.

Custom Solutions & Truck Drawers

Consulting: Consult with any of our sales representatives to ensure you receive the proper and necessary storage systems you require for your vehicles.

Using the Right Materials: We use quality materials to ensure the durability of our custom truck drawer storage solutions. We use only the best-quality materials available, such as lightweight aluminum welded construction to reduce vehicle load, and a hard black epoxy paint finish to keep the systems concealed for tactical purposes.

Made in Canada: All of our custom solutions are made within our own facilities, from the first moment a product is conceptually designed to the moment we ship out to one of our dealers. This allows us to oversee the building process of our products in order to ensure quality-made storage systems. 

Various Features: Our custom solutions can contain a wide variety of features based on the specifications you require. This can include whiteboards, adjustable dividers, slide-out beds, and many other great additions for your truck drawers.

Suited For Your Emergency Vehicles: Our storage systems are specifically tailored to the dimensions of a select number of business and government vehicles. Storage systems are available for a variety of vehicles in various sizes.