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Police K9 Vehicle Equipment for Secure Duty Performance


Police dogs, or K9 Units, are incredibly helpful in law enforcement. They are trained to sniff out illegal and dangerous materials like narcotics and explosives, track criminals, search buildings, and much more. As such, every K9 team needs to be equipped with safe and sufficient gear to perform the most dangerous tasks on the line of duty. Police K9 vehicle equipment is often crucial in responding to the most pressing emergencies.


It is safer for both the dog and the public if the police dog is transported in a vehicle equipped with a proper police K9 vehicle equipment like an insert or cage.


Some may feel discomfort around police dogs or may be tempted to distract the dog while on duty. It is also simply impractical and unsafe to transport a canine in a standard police vehicle or along with other dogs.


Proper inserts and cages, along with the complementary accessories, keep officers and K9 units safe. If a handling officer and dog are involved in an accident while on duty, it is safer for the responding personnel to treat the handler when the K9 is contained and kept safe.  K9 vehicle equipment prevents and injury both to the dog and its handler as well as response personnel in cases of emergency.


We specialize in providing safe, secure and custom fit storage solutions for the unique needs of law enforcement and response personnel. This includes vehicles fitted with modern police K9 vehicle equipment that is designed for top performance, durability and the safety of its passengers. Canine teams are typically issued additional safety and canine related equipment. A properly equipped vehicle allows for safe storage of that additional equipment.


More importantly, a properly equipped vehicle allows immediate, twenty-four hour call out capability: This immediate response capability, coupled with prompt response training, has often prevented assaults on officers and highly dangerous situations. Prompt interdiction with a police canine units can prevent both serious crime and acts of terrorism.


At D&R Electronics, we are proud to partner with law enforcement agencies to keep K9 units safe and able to respond to any emergency. Contact us today to learn more.