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Secure Your Tactical Gear with SUV Storage Drawers


When your job involves rapidly responding to emergencies, you have to be properly equipped to handle anything at anytime, anywhere. One of the best asset you could have is a highly reliable vehicle. SUVs have become a popular choice for skilled professionals that need to work on short notice and may require a range of tools because they are spacious and provide more room, power and towing capacity. 


SUV storage drawers can be very useful for a range of skilled professionals like technicians, contractors, electricians, private security and emergency response.


One of the major challenges for professionals is when a situation requires specific equipment, tools or parts from among a large stock in the cargo area.


SUV storage drawers are designed to address this particular challenge, allowing fast response without the need to ordering spare parts or making more than one trip to a job.


They offer a practical and secure way of organizing and storing different tools, equipment or replaceable parts. Greater storage capacity, easier access to tools and improved protection can give any business a boost in efficiency and cost.


They are helpful in organizing the space, creating a manageable storage option for gear and equipment with easy and quick access. SUV storage drawers also are also weatherproof and made of durable materials, can have lockable sliding drawers, and customizable foam interiors designed to keep items securely in place. A highly durable outer casing is constructed of the toughest materials available to ensure professional equipment stays protected against harsh work conditions. The drawers are made to fit most SUVs and vans common in many professional trades, making them versatile and dependable.


With D&R Truck-Stor, SUV storage drawers provide a well-designed system that is built tougher than the standard drawer to withstand even the most extreme conditions. Each unit can be fitted to any SUV and customized to specific needs or tools. Contact or visit us today to learn more or to request a consultation.