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Truck Bed Storage Drawers: Essential Field Equipment

Truck Bed Storage Drawers

One of best things about having a truck is its capacity to store and tow equipment. This is why trucks are a favorite in many skilled trades and service oriented businesses. The addition of truck bed storage drawers ensures that all of your valuable tools and materials are organized and protected.


Truck bed storage drawers make life easier by protecting valuable tools and allowing staff to easily access and organize them in the field.


Here are just a few of the reasons your business could benefits from a storage system from D&R:





  • Easy to Install

Truck bed tool drawers are easy to install with skilled technicians and modern tools, making sure your vehicle remains undamaged or altered unless a customized system is needed.


  • Increased Cargo Space

We offer several customizable options for increasing cargo space. We can add more dividers, pockets, racks, tie downs and even extra drawers to meet your specific work requirements. Those who use their trucks for both work and play will undoubtedly benefit, as they can keep everything they need for camping, exploring or sports safe and easily accessible. We also offer drawer systems ideal for ammunition and fire arms designed for enforcement officers, hunters or hobbyists can easily store their equipment.


  • Customized for Your Needs

With D&R, truck bed storage drawers can be customized for your company’s specific needs, assembled and installed professionally with customized size, length and width to fit your vehicle and needs.  We can also offer semi-permanent shelves and drawers that can be removed as needed. These organizers can even be designed to be inconspicuous.


There are many benefits to installing a storage system. You can increase storage space while keeping your tools organized and safe. With D&R Truck-Stor, your enterprise can count on quality materials and products installed expertly and within budget.


Contact us today to learn more or to request a consultation.