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What to look for before you invest in your first SUV drawer system


A storage solution that fits into the back of your SUV is not like hauling a chest of drawers around. Your truck is designed for, and likely used for, driving on the road and off it.


An SUV drawer system must be more than just a space; it must be fit for purpose in a dynamic environment.


Here are a few pointers that can help you avoid investing in an SUV drawer system which makes you groan every time you hit a pothole or actually use it for, you know, stowage:


  1. Build quality – Remember, the SUV drawer system in the back of your truck is weight you have to lug around. So make sure to have it where it counts, and not where it doesn’t. Strong materials like aluminum are a great option, providing adequate load capacity while being lightweight. Welded construction is must-have too, offering greater longevity and sturdiness to the construction.
  2. Installation – SUVs come in all shapes and sizes and the SUV drawer system must be fitted adequately into the structure of the vehicle. Find the best fit SUV drawer system before you take the plunge. Then, have only experienced technicians for fit it into your vehicle. Experience counts here, as a knowledgeable engineer will not place a load bearing part on a non-structural element.
  3. Lockable storage – Chances are if you are looking to install a custom SUV drawer system into your truck, you are going to be carrying valuable cargo. Keep it secure at all times, even when your truck is stopped and vulnerable with a locking mechanism. The peace of mind that comes from knowing that your cargo is not dependent only on the SUV’s lock is peace of mind indeed.
  4. Access to the spare tire – On- or off-road, punctures are an inevitable headache. The last thing you want in such a situation is to find that access to your spare tire is blocked by the entire SUV drawer system. Or worse, there wasn’t space for a spare! A good SUV drawer installation will make room for and easy access to the spare tire.
  5. The little things – Like in life, it’s the little things that matter most. Like for instance a rubber mat on the surfaces to keep items from rattling or moving around. A simple mounting bracket that gives you additional utility. Or a K9 kennel that is easy to clean and has multiple points of entry.


D&R Truck-Stor is a 40-year-old company specializing in SUV storage, with an emphasis on storage and organization of tactical equipment for the police, medical emergency vehicles and emergency fire services.


We are a proud Canadian company offering quality, courteous and professional service. We have a wide and flexible range of SUV drawer and bed storage solutions, and K9 kennels.


Our products are designed to fit a wide variety of SUV makes and models, including those from Ford, GMC, Toyota, Honda and Dodge. Find the exact configuration suitable for your vehicle in this powerful configurator